President Speech

More than 10 years of trials and hardships, the life is like a poem, years like a song. One endured great hardships in pioneer work, and continually development to become one of the largest garment exporting and processing traders in Northeast China. The process embodied the enthusiasm of Vent d’Est, the sweat of cultivation and the wisdom of innovation; also have more benefit from the full support of all sectors of society.

All of these days, our company helps customers to complete one-stop services which is from garment design, raw materials purchasing, production processing and logistics transportation; based on our professional design team, perfect supply chain system and strong production base. So far our products have been exported to Spain, Italy, France, Germany and other European countries and we are actively developing the business with the United States, Japan, Australia and other countries and regions. Company takes Dalian, the costal city as head office and hold six wholly-owned subsidiaries which located in Hong Kong and Myanmar. We target to continue to expand investment in order to meet customers’ production requirements.

The company takes "Serving Customers, Repaying Society and Achieving Life" as corporate mission, pursues the common development of customers, companies and employees. We have always adjusting our strategy in order to matching environmental change, expediting the step of integration and innovation; continuously improve our core competitiveness.

Development cannot be separated from the responsibilities; we are actively takes the lead in the demonstration of safety production, labor protection and environmental protection and promoted the formation of healthy and sound industrial ecosystem.

In order to reach the goal of sustainable development and achieve mutual benefit between corporate value and employee benefits. Our company advocates a “balanced” working attitude, emphasizes the balance between work and life, paying close attention to improve the working environment of employees, care for the physical and mental health of employees and improve the quality of employees’ working life as well as promote the career growth of employees.

After go through all sorts of ups and downs for more than ten years, Current Vent d’Est was created. Reviewing the past, we are grateful for the historic opportunity provided by the times, the trust and support of home and abroad, thank you for the hard working of all colleagues!
Standing at a new starting and facing the new situation, we are well aware that there is a long way to go. Facing the future and standing on the new starting line of history, with the same dream in the heart, all Vent d’Est people implement the transformation of concept and structural for the entire enterprise with unprecedented courage and determination, in order to raise the level of enterprise management to a new level of internationalization requirements. We will continue to work hard to present high quality products and perfect supply chain to every customer, thus creating wealth and bringing happiness for customers.

• Long distance separates no bosom friends. May our website become a bridge to promote communication and cooperation. We sincerely welcome friends from all over the world for education cooperation and exchange, to have a bright future altogether!